The Charles Busch Revue

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"The Charles Busch Revue" was performed at the Ballroom in February, 1993 and again July 13 thru August, 1993 .  It starred Charles Busch along with guest stars Denise Nolin, Doug Ladendorf, David Bartee, James Borstalmann, Kevin Waldon.  It was directed by Kenneth Elliott; musical director was Dick Gallagher; Jim Colleran was on synthesizer and Marcy McGuigan on drums.  Mr. Busch's gowns were by Bryant Hoven and wigs by Elizabeth Katherine Carr.  Summer Sandals 93.jpg (21334 bytes)

It was subsequently produced in a somewhat different form under the title "Summer Scandals '93" at the Fire Island Pines Community Center with special guest stars Alison Fraser and David Morgan.

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CB and Doug Ladendorf

Charles Busch Revue - Town without pity.jpg (48094 bytes)

Kevin Waldon, CB and 
David Bartee

Charles Busch Revue - Stepmother & Snow White.jpg (55213 bytes)

Allison Fraser and CB

Charles Busch Revue - Charles Singing.jpg (43046 bytes)

CB with  Dick Gallagher (l), 
Marcy McGuigan and 
Jim Colleran

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