Solo Repertoire and Highlights
1978 - 1984

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Solo Repertoire

1978, Hollywood Confidential

1979, Vagabond Vignettes (Thatís Show Biz, People on a New York Bus, La Marquesa)

1980, A Theatrical Party

1981, Welcome to Corona

1982, Escape From Camp Kitchiwamee

1982, Chili Pepper

1982, After Youíve Gone

1983, The Dream

1983, Apres Moi, Le Deluge

1983, Reed

1984, Phantom Lovers





1978, Hollywood Confidential, Scene One, New York.

1978, Hollywood Confidential, The Ridiculous Theatrical Company, One Sheridan Square, NYC

1978, Hollywood Confidential, Victory Gardens Theatre, Chicago

1979, Vagabond Vignettes, The Duplex, New York

1980, A Theatrical Party, Performing Garage, New York

1980, Charles Busch Alone With A Cast of Thousands, Source Theatre, Washington, DC

1981, Charles Busch Alone With A Cast of Thousands, Valencia Rose, San Francisco

1982, Charles Busch Works Alone Tonight, Source Theatre, Washington, DC

1982, Charles Busch Alone With A Cast of Thousands, Chicago Gay Arts Festival, Chicago

1983, An Evening With Charles Busch, Meridian Gay Theatre, New York

1984, Charles Busch Alone With A Cast of Thousands, Indiana Rep, Indianapolis

1984, Phantom Lovers, Valencia Rose, San Francisco