Sleeping Beauty or Coma


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"Sleeping Beauty or Coma" was first performed at the Limbo Lounge in October, 1984. It subsequently became the first act of the double bill "Vampire Lesbians of Sodom", which opened at the Provincetown Playhouse, New York City, on June 19, 1985. It was produced by Theatre-in-Limbo, Kenneth Elliott and Gerald A. Davis.

The fairy tale of  Sleeping Beauty set in the swinging mod London of the1960's. Sebastian Lore, a flamboyant megalomaniacal fashion designer," discovers" a young mod temp receptionist, Enid Wetwhistle, and tries to turn her into a high fashion model. She rebels and finds refuge with a wacky young fairy godmother of a struggling fashion designer, Fauna Alexander, and her photographer boyfriend, Ian. The three become huge stars in the new mod era, with Enid now transformed as "Rose", and proclaimed as "the face of the sixties". Sebastian Lore plots his revenge on the trio and slips some bad LSD into Rose's drink. She lapses into a twenty-year coma. In the eighties, a handsome nutritionist named Craig Prince revives her and they all live happily ever after.


Written by Charles Busch, directed by Kenneth Elliott, scenic design by B.T. Whitehill, costume design by John Glaser, wig design by Elizabeth Katherine Carr, lighting design by Vivien Leone, choreography by Jeff Veazey, production stage manager Elizabeth Katherine Carr


Tom Aulino (Ian McKenzie), Charles Busch (Fauna Alexander), Robert Carey (Barry Posner), Kenneth Elliott (Sebastian Lore), Andy Halliday (Miss Thick), Arnie Kolodner (Craig Prince), Theresa Marlowe (Anthea Arlo), Meghan Robinson (Meghan Robinson)coma.jpg (25353 bytes)

Published along with its companion piece ôVampire Lesbians of Sodom."  Stock and Amateur rights available through Samuel French, Inc. 45 West 25th St. NY, NY 10010. For all other inquiries, contact, Marc Glick, Glick and Weintraub, 1501 Broadway, suite 2401, NY, NY 10036



Coma - Fauna.jpg (32397 bytes)
 Fauna (CB)
Coma - Fauna Closeup.jpg (24804 bytes)
Fauna (CB)
Coma - Enid & Ms. Thicke.jpg (27570 bytes)
Enid (Meghan Robinson) and
Ms. Thick (Andy Halliday)
Coma - Group at party.jpg (26789 bytes)
from left: Ian (Tom Aulino),
Sebastian (Kenneth Elliott),
Anthea (Theresa Marlowe),
Barry (Robert Carey) and
Fauna (CB)
Coma - Group at party 2.jpg (42474 bytes)
Anthea (Theresa Marlowe), Ian
(Tom Aulino), Fauna (CB) and
Barry (Robert Carey)
Coma - Ms. Thicke & Sebastian.jpg (21764 bytes)
Sebastian (Kenneth Elliott)
and Ms. Thick (Andy Halliday)

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