Pardon My Inquisition
Kiss The Blood Off My Castanets

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An outrageous one-act comic melodrama set in Spain during the terrifying days of the Inquisition. Maria Garbonza, a wild spitfire of a prostitute, is madly in love with the soldier of fortune, Don Arturo. Unfortunately, he is engaged in an illicit affair with her look-alike, the married noblewoman, the Marquesa Del Drago. Maria, arranges for the Marquesa to be arrested for adultery and sentenced to death by the Inquisition. When Maria’s beloved younger brother is killed in a dual defending her honor, she has a religious epiphany. In a plot twisted out of “A Tale of Two Cities, Maria takes the Marquesa’s place in prison and goes to her death with the nobility of a great lady.

Performed at the Limbo Lounge, New York City, May 16 - June 1, 1986.


Written by Charles Busch, directed by Kenneth Elliott, backdrop by B.T. Whitehill, costumes by Robert Locke, wig design by Elizabeth Katherine Carr, lighting by Vivien Leone.


Tom Aulino, Michael Belanger, Ralph Buckley, Charles Busch, Robert Carey, Andy Halliday, Randi Klein, Arnie Kolodner, Michael Leitheed, Becky London, Yvonne Singh

All inquiries should be made to Marc Glick, Glick and Weintraub, 1501 Broadway, suite 2401, New York, NY 10036.


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