Out-takes of a B-Movie

My very first play.  When I arrived at Northwestern, I had every intention of being a force to be reckoned with in the theatre department.  It was not to be.  I learned very quickly that the Theatre Department of a large university was very much a microcosm of show biz.  I had a terrible time being cast.  Being rather pragmatic, most of the time I agreed with the people who didn't cast me.  It was an extremely painful period for me.  I was desperate to be in the theatre but didn't know where I could fit in.  Fortunately, Northwestern was fairly flexible and I was able to take a number of writing classes.

"Out-takes of a B-Movie" was a crash course in playwriting for me.  I tore it apart and sewed it back together a million times and learned not to be sentimental about my own writing.  In the theatre you have to be craftsman as well as hopefully, in time, an artist.  The play is a very downbeat naturalistic story, more than a little influenced by Lanford Wilson, about a group of misfits who gather every day in a memorabilia shop in Greenwich Village.  The protagonist, Max, is a confused and rather androgynous young man, who runs the shop and is desperate to change his life.  This role I intended for myself.  My interest in writing began as a way to give myself an opportunity to be onstage.  The closest I ever got to a production was when a reader from Joseph Papp's Public Theatre briefly became enthusiastic.  He tried to get a staged reading together but somehow it was fated never to happen.  Everyone has to start somewhere and "Out-takes of a B-Movie" was a great educational experience for its very young author.

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