Whores of Lost Atlantis
a Novel by Charles Busch


“Imperial Empress, you are teetering on the edge of a fiery abyss in a pair of spike-heeled mules."
Folio, "Whores of Lost Atlantis," Act Two, Scene Two


New Expanded
Published by

Avalon Publishing Group, 2005
Jacket Photograph by David Rodgers

Jacket Design by Victor Weaver
Jacket photographs by David Morgan
Published by Hyperion, 1993
Original Hardcover Edition


 In this madcap, hilarious first novel, playwright and performer Charles Busch brings to the page the plot twists and flamboyant, appealing characters that made his Vampire Lesbians of Sodom the longest-running play in Off-Broadway history. Set in downtown New York City, where every supermarket checkout clerk is a performance artist, Whores of Lost Atlantis features Julian Young, one of the most lovable heroes in years.  Founder of The Imitation of Life Players, Julian tells the story of his acting troupe's hilarious struggle to assemble an Off-Broadway production of Julian's play, Whores of Lost Atlantis, in which Julian acts in drag.  The novel's unforgettable cast of characters includes Joel, a perfect English gentleman from Indiana; Roxie, an actress/librarian with moxie; Buster, a voluptuous young alcoholic; Camille, the fiery wig designer Julian considers having an affair with; Perry, Julian's best friend with a weakness for plastic surgery and peroxide; Kiko, the wonderfully wicked performance artist who tries to sabotage Julian's career; Kiko's sidekick, the evil drag queen Thirteen; and the delightful Aunt Jen, the tough- talking Park Avenue octogenarian who raised Julian.  Julian writes his play in less than one week, while temping at a Wall Street firm.  Getting it produced, on the other hand, proves to be a picaresque adventure with plenty of surprises.  Julian's steamy affair with his onetime boss, Don Caspar, is exciting and romantic until Julian realizes there is a dark side to his handsome lover-something that gets Julian and his merry troupe in trouble with the law.  The mounting of "Whores" is menaced, leaving the reader feverishly turning pages to see if the show can go on. 

 With its razor-sharp wit and outrageous adventures both on and offstage, Whores of Lost Atlantis is a hip, passionate, delightful roman á clef that introduces a bright new literary talent.


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