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I've been having the most wonderful time performing my cabaret act with my marvelous musical director and cohort Tom Judson.

Here is the latest itinerary of where we'll be over the few months.


July 28, 2018

I will be receiving the Flora Roberts Award from the Dramatist's Guild at their annual gala.


 "The award is designed to recognize artists--primarily playwrights--not only for the excellence of their body of work, but also for a demonstrated dedication to a career in the theater--to a life lived in the theater. Past recipients include Adrienne Kennedy, Michael Weller, Philip Kan Gotanda, Craig Lucas, Charles Fuller, and Dael Orlandersmith."  



September 7 & 8, 2018


Richmond Triangle Players

Robert Moss Theatre

Richmond, VA

For more information:

September 13, 2018

A portrait of me will be part of a retrospective of the work of photographer Donald Herron at the Daniel Cooney Fine Art Gallery, 508-526 W. 26 Street, NY, NY. 

"Whether singing or dishing about his life or celebrities he has known, he is always, always the epitome of entertainment and class."
     Cabaret Scenes

"Charles Busch has the gift of comic gab like few other entertainers.  Innately funny, endearing and acutely intelligent." 
      The New York Times


At long last! Actor/playwright/novelist/film director/female impersonator/quick sketch portrait artist/zipper factory receptionist/ ice cream scooper and now RECORDING ARTIST!!!  My first CD has been released!

I sing ballads, jazz tunes, lots of storytelling, Miriam Passman, well, it's just Me, Me, Me... and my wonderful musical director, Tom Judson, on piano and joining me on the duets. I hope you'll buy a copy right away. I have a feeling this one is going to go platinum! Or at least sell a dozen copies at the Leatherman on Christopher Street or wherever fine records are sold.

Available on Amazon, iTunes and


"I wish we had a music video to share from my new CD. Here is a video of me singing The Rainbow Connection on Richard Skipper's variety show at the Triad Theatre."




The New York Times
Charles Busch on the First Time He Performed in Drag
December 20, 2016


What will people think?” That’s a question that has luckily never concerned me. A case in point. 1976. Northwestern University. The theater department wasn’t quite ready for me. I was too light (euphemism for gay), too thin and just too … too much.  Read More

New York Social Diary
liz smith:
Charles Busch — Playwright, Actor, Artist ... Chanteuse!
December 19, 2016

I MET with Charles, whom I have admired/adored for years, at a charming (if tiny!) spot in Greenwich Village, Tea & Sympathy...

We were supposed to be chatting about Charles’ new (his first ever!) CD, “Charles Busch, Live at Feinstein's/54 Below — With Tom Judson at the Piano” (Broadway Records). But really, we just dished.
Read More

Theater Jones
The Music Men: December 2016

Charles Busch - Live at Feinstein's/54 Below
The genius of Charles Busch lies in the fact that his camp style is simultaneously a sendup and a celebration of the great ladies of the silver screen. As author, actor and provocateur he began writing and producing his own shows in the mid-1980's at the Limbo Lounge, a gallery and performance space on the lower east side of New York City.  Read More

Broadway to Vegas
December 11, 2016
The Music Goes Round and Round

Charles Busch - Live at Feinstein's/54 Below  is a romping, delightful listen. Right from the introduction by musical director, arranger and Busch's wingman Tom Judson, who not only can play the dickens out of the piano, but can elegantly sing. He does so with Star by Sammy Cahn and Jimmy Van Heusen, which brings on the legendary Charles Busch. Read More



I'm thrilled to have my first anthology of selected scenes and monologues from my 40 years as a playwright published by The Dramatic Publishing Company. 

It was a real labor of love. I've written a foreword and have annotated each monologue with anecdotes, film/theatre references and the occasional finger-wag to the young actor.

It's available now online from The Dramatic Publishing Company.  It's both a handbook for actors and hopefully just a good, fun read.

This past year Turner Classic Movies commissioned me along with 20 other "celebrities" to create an original piece of artwork based on classic film to celebrate their twentieth anniversary on the air. It really meant a lot to me to be a part of this celebration. And I'm very proud of the pastel drawing. I call it "The Girl With Something Special." It's inspired by all the anonymous chorus girls in the kaleidoscopic Busby Berkeley movies of the thirties. I'm now selling a limited edition of twenty-five giclee prints on the wonderful Broadway Design Exchange website. Here's the link.

 I hope you'll be enticed to bring me into your home!


Never-say-die cabaret chanteuse Miriam Passman is back. This time discovering something rather disturbing about her young cleaning girl. Ashley Austin Morris special is the guest.


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"A wonderful photographer, David A. Lee, recently took this beautiful photo of me backstage at a benefit I was doing in Palm Springs. I love it!"

"The wonderful illustrator, Glen Hanson, recently did this fantastic caricature of me. He's absolutely brilliant!"

A wonderful artist named Todd Yeager
recently did this drawing of me as Judith of Bethulia. I guess it's me as Sarah Bernhardt as Judith. I love it.


Sketch of Charles Busch by John Wolfe

A wonderful artist named John Wolfe drew this sketch of me while I was performing the Marlene Dietrich song "Boys in the Backroom" at a recent benefit for the Actor's Fund. I love that John was able to capture me "doing Dietrich."


Die, Mommie, Die! and Psycho Beach Party: the screenplays of Charles BuschDie, Mommie, Die! and Psycho Beach Party:
the screenplays of Charles Busch

Published by Alyson Books
available in bookstores and online through
barnes and /