Flipping My Wig

A one-man show performed in 1996 at the WPA Theatre, New York, New York. Musical director and accompanist, Dick Gallagher, directed by Kenneth Elliott, set by B.T, Whitehill, lighting by Michael Lincoln, gowns by Robert Legere and Bob Mackie, wigs by Elizabeth Katherine Carr.

Among the songs and sketches performed were “Special Material”, an homage to the songs and patter style of Kay Thompson, “The Stepmother”; a retelling of Cinderella through the sympathetic character of the stepmother told in the style of “Mildred Pierce”, “1920,s medley”; a tough but vulnerable nightclub star, Jewel, awaits the release of her lover from prison. Songs included “Doin’ the New York”, “Cigarettes, Cigars” and “What Wouldn’t I  Do For That Man”.

“Miriam Passman”; a suburban housewife finally gets her chance to perform her musical tribute to Edith Piaf in a Greenwich Village cabaret but her pent-up neurotic frustrations threaten to overpower her act. Throughout the evening were woven autobiographical tales of Busch’s lifelong fascination with actresses he’s known and loved.

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New York Times

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