Die, Mommy, Die!
"The Play"


Die Mommie Die - CB on steps.jpg (44518 bytes)A comic melodrama that evokes the 1960’s “grande guignol” films that featured aging stars such as Bette Davis, Joan Crawford and Lana Turner.  Ex-pop singer, Angela Andrews, is trapped in a hateful marriage with film producer Sol Sussman. Desperate to find happiness with her younger lover, an out of work TV actor, Tony Parker, Angela murders her husband with the aid of a poisoned suppository.  In a plot that reflects Greek tragedy as well as Hollywood kitsch, Angela’s Elektra-like daughter, Edith, convinces Angela’s emotionally disturbed son, Lance, that they must avenge their father’s death by killing their mother. Lance, demanding proof of Angela’s crime, slips some LSD into her after-dinner coffee. Angela is plunged into a wild acid trip that reveals that not only did she kill the children’s father but also their mother, for she isn’t their mother at all but rather their Aunt Barbara. A surprising twist ending has all of the Sussman family’s dirty laundry aired out for once and for all. Angela or rather Aunt Barbara realizes that happiness cannot be built upon a foundation of lies and turns herself in to the police. 

“Die, Mommy, Die!” was produced in July, 1999 by Kenneth Elliott and Don Fairbanks at the Coast Playhouse, Los Angeles. Directed by Kenneth Elliott with set design by B.T. Whitehill, lighting by Vivien Leone, sound design and original music by Jeremy Grody, costumes by Dione H. Lebhar, with Mr. Busch’s gowns by Michael Bottari and Ronald Case. 

CAST:  Dorie Barton (Edith Sussman/Verna), Wendy Worthington (Bootsie), Mark Capri (Tony Parker), Charles Busch (Angela Andrews  Sussman), Greg Mullavey (Sol Sussman), Carl Andress (Lance Sussman).

Die Mommy Die CB with Lance.jpg (33859 bytes)

Stock and amateur rights available through Samuel  French, Inc. 45 West 25th Street, NY, NY 10010. For all other rights, please contact Marc Glick, Glick and Weintraub, 1501 Broadway, Suite 2401, New York, NY 10036


Greg Mullavey and CB

Carl Andress and CB

L.A. Times Theater Critic

Review by Robert Hofler


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