Before Our Mother's Eyes

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before our mother's eyes.jpg (25496 bytes)In the early Eighties, I had performed short solo pieces at Theatre for the New City's Halloween festivals.  The artistic director, Crystal Field, suggested that I do a full engagement at the theatre.  While I probably should have used the opportunity to showcase the solo work I'd been touring around the country, instead I decided to write a full-length play.  I had read in the newspaper a small item about a pair of twin teenage boys in a small Italian Village who were so close that when their mother tried to separate them, they jumped off a bridge to their deaths.  The theme of twinship has always fascinated me.  In my own life, I have felt a number of intimate "twinships" with people I've loved.  The newspaper item was a springboard to writing a play in a sort of Peter Shaffer-like theatrical style.  I played both boys, David and Andreas, and employing the techniques I'd worked on as a solo performer, I performed scenes with the two boys talking to each other.  It got more complicated when the kids were in the same room with the other characters in the play.  I never quite figured that one out.  Like many comic writers who decide to "go dramatic," I did so with an anvil.  Oy, was this play humorless.  Although the play was stylishly directed by Peter Napolitano, we got mostly bad reviews.  However, I appreciated that one critic, commenting on my nude scene where the incestuous twins make love, wrote that I was one actor who looked better with his clothes off than on.  For a skinny kid who hated gym class, that was praise of a high order.

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