Vampire Lesbians of Sodom

New York Times, Friday June 15, 1986

Broadway by Enid Nemy


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Charles Busch
in "Vampire Lesbians of Sodom":  "I didn't think I'd become a leading lady."

When Charles Busch got the idea of getting together with friends and putting on a little show for their own amusement, and when the little show quickly attracted a cult following and was ready to move to Off Broadway, Mr. Busch knew that he had to come up with a “pow” name that would sell tickets.  He came up with what might be ultimate pow – “Vampire Lesbians of Sodom” – which did the trick (it will celebrate its first anniversary Thursday) but still jolts a lot of theatergoers.

The name not only jolted but caused a certain number of problems.  One of them was that no bank wanted to open an account in the production’s name (one finally did).  All of this was such a stimulating experience that Mr. Busch has named his new show, tried out recently at the Limbo Lounge, “Pardon My Inquisition.”

 Mr. Busch, a graduate of Northwestern University, was actually a one-man show for eight years, until he had a run of bad luck.

 “In one period of six months, all the places booking me burned down, went bankrupt or lost interest,” he said.  Which led to unemployment, which led to “Vampire Lesbians,” which Mr. Busch, who also wrote it, describes as “zany and eccentric but with a heart.”

 Mr. Busch said that when he was in college, he knew he wanted to act but “I didn’t think I’d become a leading lady.”

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