Ankles Aweigh!

In 1987, I was approached by Goodspeed Opera in Connecticut to write a new book for the 1955 musical "Ankles Aweigh!."  To my knowledge, Goodspeed had  never before mounted a revival of a famous flop.  The score by Sammy Fain has lived on in a much admired original cast recording.  I had a great time working on the show with director/choreographer Dan Siretta.  We made it a tribute to 1950's movie musicals such as "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes."  It was about a famous sister act who are filming a movie musical in Italy.  They get mixed up with  American sailors, mafiosa and a Russian mole.  It was very silly and I think, very stylish.  The sets and costumes by Eduardo Sicango were absolutely dazzling.  The show starred D. Jamin Bartlett, Lynette Perry, Mark McGrath, Debbie Petrina, Robert Cuccioli and Peter Bartlett.  The audiences were extremely enthusiastic but the local critics didn't seem to cotton to our eighties take on an old fashioned girlie show.  It's too bad because I think we done good.

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